FACE (Family Advocacy and Capacity-Building Engagements)

The Family Advocacy and Capacity-Building Engagements (FACE) framework is a responsive community engagement model, that aims to facilitate supports in a comprehensive and informed manner. As an agency, we strive to improve the overall well-being and quality of life for members of our community that are the most marginalized. The Family Capacity Advocate position (FCA) and the Student Family Advocate (SFA) roles sit within our FACE community engagement model.


Family Capacity Advocate (FCA)

The Family Capacity Advocate (FCA) is a program targeted to service young individuals between the ages of 12-25 and their families who are in some capacity involved within the criminal justice system. Services provided are based on the needs and vulnerabilities of a child or loved one’s involvement with the law and take the form of advocacy, counselling, mentorship, and collaboration with partnering agencies serving youth. For more information and to register email healthandwellness@britanniawoods.com

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Student Family Advocate (SFA)

The SFA delivers highly targeted, community-based, and culturally relevant advocacy support, tailored to the experiences and needs of Black students ages 6-15 and their families. The SFA supports in navigating the education system by working with children and their parents to validate and address their experiences and lived realities of Anti-Black Racism. The SFA does so by empowering them with community and school-based supports to achieve positive school experiences. In addition, the SFA role works with parents to increase their capacity and skills in improving their children’s wellness and academic experiences. For more information and to register email healthandwellness@britanniawoods.com

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Wellness Centre

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PHONE NUMBER: (613)-820-0853

EMAIL: healthandwellness@britanniawoods.com

“My experience with therapy so far has been incredible. The ability to talk to another marginalized practitioner has been instrumental in me being able to connect with my healing journey more. I have one session a week over the phone for 1hr, and I cannot express how needed this service is. If I could offer such a service to all marginalized people, I would. The level of healing and therapy we need is vastly understated. It will not fix everything, but it is a good place to start.”


– Client Testimonial from the ACB community