The SFA program’s main vison is to support Black and equity deserving families before they get to the stage of crisis in the educational system. The SFA program delivers highly targeted, community-based, culturally, and racially tuned case-management support, tailored to the experiences and needs of Black students ages 6-15yrs old and their families. This program supports equity deserving families in the navigation process of the education system, by working with them to validate and address their experiences of discrimination and inequities in the educational system. We aim to remove /reduce risk factors that are rooted in social disparities and discrimination through crisis and long-term case-management supports. Our supports are rooted in education, advocacy, needs replenishment, resource navigation, emotional and mental health support, mentorships and allyship.

This program is accessible city-wide, with prioritization given to families living in Ottawa West low-income neighborhoods.

For more information and to register email healthandwellness@britanniawoods.com

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Wellness Centre

ADDRESS: 3029 Carling Avenue #203, Ottawa, ON

PHONE NUMBER: 613-229-9119

EMAIL: healthandwellness@britanniawoods.com