Drop-in Services

It can be difficult to understand and complete forms for or to pay for faxing documents on a regular basis. To close gaps like these, clients are welcome to drop by during regular business hours to get help with filling forms, faxing and photocopying documents, accessing a computer, or making a call.

Regular hours are Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, excluding holidays.

“My experience with therapy so far has been incredible. The ability to talk to another marginalized practitioner has been instrumental in me being able to connect with my healing journey more. I have one session a week over the phone for 1hr, and I cannot express how needed this service is. If I could offer such a service to all marginalized people, I would. The level of healing and therapy we need is vastly understated. It will not fix everything, but it is a good place to start.”


– Client Testimonial from the ACB community