Community Garden

The Britannia Woods Community Garden was launched after adults in the community voiced a need for greenspace in the community that could beautify the community, be a source of fresh produce, as well as provide an outdoor space for community to work together. The community garden consists of ten elevated garden beds where members of the community plant vegetables in the Spring and Summer months. BWCH works with sponsors and donors to help provide gardeners from the community with soil, gardening tools, and seeds. For more information email or call 613.820.0853

“My experience with therapy so far has been incredible. The ability to talk to another marginalized practitioner has been instrumental in me being able to connect with my healing journey more. I have one session a week over the phone for 1hr, and I cannot express how needed this service is. If I could offer such a service to all marginalized people, I would. The level of healing and therapy we need is vastly understated. It will not fix everything, but it is a good place to start.”


– Client Testimonial from the ACB community