BRISC/ CSIRN (Black, Racialized Individuals Support Channel/ Canal de soutien pour les individus racialisés noirs)

The Black Racialized Individuals Support Channel (BRISC) was launched in June 2021 in response to the unique social and emotional needs that the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated for racialized communities, especially African, Caribbean & Black communities (ACB). With steady growth in demand, the program changed from a temporary service to an established one offered under our Mental Health & Wellbeing umbrella. The program provides support via telephone for racialized individuals in the National Capital Region, especially ACB individuals in the Ottawa-West area, that are dealing with emotional issues rooted in isolation, discrimination, racism, or everyday stressors. In addition, given that many racialized individuals’ stressors are compounded by personal/systemic hardships (e.g., food insecurity, language/literacy impediments, academic discrepancies etc.), we provide proximity care supports like care packages and/or internal referrals to relevant BWCH programs. For more information email


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