Shannon Black

Mental Health Manager/ Clinical Supervisor

Shannon Black is a clinical social worker with over twelve years of experience in the mental health/addiction and social service sectors. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work with a minor in psychology. She also has professional training in neurology and journalism. Shannon is also a trained therapist in private practice.

Shannon is the Mental Health Manager & Clinical Supervisor at Britannia Woods Community House (BWCH). Her advocacy, vision and effort for the past ten years has been focused on making the case for racially and culturally responsive, accessible, and ethical mental health care for disenfranchised individuals/communities. Shannon’s relentless mobilization has birthed many racially & culturally adapted program/initiatives within BWCH and city-wide.

BWCH has been at the forefront of many discussions, advocacy and actions that have informed transformative changes within the social service sector and the greater city. The organization’s work and effort often positions them beyond their designated role as a community house. This prioritization of marginalized communities, irrespective of red tape, is what drew Shannon and kept her at BWCH for the past 5 years.