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SNAP® (STOP NOW AND PLAN) is an evidence-based cognitive behavioral model that provides a framework to supports families and children struggling with behavioral issues.  The SNAP model was originally developed as a response to research regarding the prevalence of behavioral issues amongst school aged children in Canada. The program initially originated as an intervention based course to support young males in conflict with the law, but has since expanded to become an internationally renowned model that helps equip school aged children and their parents with critical cognitive and emotional management, and problem solving skills. SNAP’s key directive is outlined in its very name- that is to help children pause and think before they act, and to ultimately support long term scholastic vitality and personal improvement.


The Britannia Woods Community House SNAP program is a culturally adapted program for Black children, youth, and their familiesThis program understands the importance of culturally informed services for marginalized communities provided by professionals from the same community. Thus, all the phases of our intervention with black families from our understanding of issues, to the lens/approaches we utilized in intervention, and our social/systemic navigation processes are all rooted in anti-oppressive frameworks.

The goals of Britannia Woods Community House SNAP program is to support children and their families to understand their innate abilities, competencies, autonomy as well as their shortcomings; to reduce their involvement in conflict with family, peers and authority figures.

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